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There is a mix of parking options available in Stokesley. Stokesley is becoming unique compared with other similar locations within Hambleton District as all parking in the centre of Stokesley remains free of charge following Hambleton District Council taking the district wide decision to introduce charges for parking in the Market Towns of Northallerton, Bedale, and Thirsk.

Within the Stokesley town centre, free all day parking is available on The Plain (the large area between the Town Hall and the Manor House), and on College Square. These are areas of Manorial Land which were gifted in trust for the benefit of the townspeople of Stokesley in 1919, at the same time the Town Hall was also gifted in trust to the Stokesley Parish Council. The Manorial Lands Trust, a registered charity, now manages the Manorial Lands. 

Please note that The Plain is used as the location for the weekly Friday market and the award winning Farmers’ Market held on the first Saturday of each month. No parking is permitted on The Plain when these markets are in operation.

Further free all day parking is available at the western end of the Town Centre, on the southern side of the High Street to the west of Bridge Road and around West Green.

Additionally the cobbled areas along the rest of the High Street generally allow parking for a period of 2 Hours but a Parking Disc is required to be displayed inside the vehicle. These discs are readily available from all the retailers within the High Street and environs. The cobbled areas subject to Disc Parking were leased by Stokesley Parish Council to Hambleton District Council in 1999 on a 91 years lease. 

In Stokesley the town centre parking places managed by Hambleton District Council are part of the leased Manorial Lands. The introduction of charges on the Manorial Lands would have required the approval of the Manorial Lands Trust. Such approval was withheld and therefore Hambleton DC was unable to proceed with charging for parking on the High Street cobbled areas. 

Following the failure to introduce town centre car park charging, the edge of town site that now forms the Showfield Car Park was leased by Hambleton District Council from Stokesley Agricultural Society. This now forms a Pay and Display Car Park. The Showfield Car Park is accessed from the Stokesley Motors roundabout at the eastern edge of the town.

The enforcement of parking in Stokesley is now looked after by Scarborough Borough Council, under contract to Hambleton District Council. Hambleton DC identified outsourcing this service as the most effective and efficient solution. The provision and maintenance of “Yellow Lines” remains the responsibility of NYCC Highways Department. 

Stokesley Parish Council recognises that at times parking in Stokesley is congested, particularly when the two markets operate on The Plain and reduce the number of available parking spaces. However even on these days we continue to cope with both the increased demand for parking and the reduced space.

The Parish Council is mindful of the housing developments that are under consideration at present and clearly should any of these developments proceed they will bring added traffic into Stokesley and an increased parking requirement.

The Parish Council recognises the need to take a longer term view of parking. A small sub group has been established to undertake this review and to consider the long term response to the challenges. 

As part of the forthcoming review we will be seeking thoughts, ideas and suggestions from residents. We will be looking at the most effective ways of gathering these views. Additionally a significant amount of consultation will be undertaken with both residents and people who work in Stokesley to address some of the inevitable issues that the review will identify. We see such dialogue as important prior to drawing conclusions on the way forward.

We intend to use this Parish Council Web Site as one of the channels of communication with residents on this topic.

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