Stokesley Town Hall Photograph



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The North Road Play park was given to Stokesley by Godfrey Laird Sowerby on 11th Oct 1950. This is the largest play area is on Stokesley.

North Road Play Park was completely refurbished by the Parish Council in partnership with parents, the police and Broadacres. Previously it was a large field with a few pieces of very old equipment. The refurbishment took 3 years and £250,000 was spent, most of the money was raised externally. It is a well used facility with areas for children from 0 – 20. The wheels bowl is the most popular part.

It now has a small children’s area, an 8 -13 area a small football pitch and a wheels bowl. It is very popular with all age groups.

The open areas on estates are used as informal recreation areas where the Parish Council cuts the grass.


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