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Ponding in Front of Health Centre - Further Remedial Work Required!

Concerns were raised by the Parish Council earlier in the year in relation to the paved area in front of the Health Centre, close to the bus stop. This area is prone to ponding in periods of rain and remains flooded for some time thereafter.

Over last winter there were occasions where the water iced over causing a significant safety hazard for the aged and less able bodied visitors to the Health Centre,

The Parish Council identified that it is NHS Property Services, York who are responsible for the maintenance of this area and not the Health Centre practice.

NHS Property Services have now instructed their contractor to attend the site as soon as possible and to provide a quote for the work. They have indicated that they will keep the Parish Council updated on when the works will be carried out.

Update - 30 August 2016

NHS Property Services have now confirmation that their contractor will be starting works on the forecourt of Stokesley Health Centre on Friday 2nd September 2016.

This will make the area safe and therefore will no longer pose a Health & Safety risk to patients, staff and members of the public.


Update - 2 September 2016


The remedial work to relay the paving stones has now been completed.

Update - 28 October 2016


Despite the earlier remedial work this area is still flooding after rain. The Parish Council has now asked NHS Property Services to carry out further work before the winter frosts commence.

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