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Leven Wynd Cobbles Relaid

Leven Wynd forms part of the Manorial Lands in Stokesley. The Manorial Lands are held in trust by the Parish Council and managed by the Stokesley Manorial Lands Trust, a registered charity, for the benefit of the people of Stokesley.

As the first stage of a long term plan to improve the condition of the cobbles in Stokesley, full relaying of the cobbles on Leven Wynd was completed by late January 2017.

The work also included the provision of dropped kerbs to the footpath at both ends of Leven Wynd, facilitating use of Leven Wynd by buggies and mobility scooters.

Thel work was funded in full by the Stokesley Manorial Lands Trust whose income is mainly derived from the weekly Friday market, the monthly Farmers' Market and the annual fair.

Discussions continue between the Parish Council and Hambleton District Council, who lease the cobbled areas with 2 hours disc parking on the High Street, to agree how and when these cobbles will be relaid.

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