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Tanton Fields - Kier Living

A meeting was called by Stokesley Town Council following numerous observations and complaints from both members of the public and councillors in relation to the work taking place at the Tanton Road housing development site (Tanton Fields). These included issues relating particularly to mud on the local road network and traffic control.

Attendees at the meeting were representatives of the Town Council, hambelton District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, Kier Living (the developers) and Applebridge Construction (Kier Living's contractors for this construction phase).

The primary objective of the meeting was to seek to agree a safe and effective traffic management system for development and to cover other items of mutual interest.

The first attached document contains the notes of the key points of the meeting and agreed actions.

The second attached document is the newsletter that Kier Living agreed at the meeting to  prepare for distribution to residents surrounding site.  Kier Living's intention is to letter drop the newsletter to residents on Woodlands Walk, Tanton Road from the B1365 to Linwood Ave., The Acres to Jackson Drive, Jackson Drive and Peacocks Close.  Additionally Kier Living asked for a copy to be posted on the Town Council Website.



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