Stokesley Town Hall Photograph

The Town Hall Has Three Main Rooms

A wide range of tables are available in all rooms. We can provide crockery, glasses, cutlery and tablecloths to meet your needs. Agree your specific requirements beforehand and our Steward / caretaking staff will set up the tables, stage and seating ready for your meeting, party or function to begin.

The Main Hall

On the upper floor, the main hall has a fully licensed bar with a small kitchen area attached. It is used for everything from short mat bowls and chair aerobics to art exhibitions, live musical performances, dances, and formal dinners.

It provides flexibility for theatre style, cafe style or casual seating with a capacity of up to 100.

Equally it lends itself to conference provision with Video / Still Projection facilities.

A demountable stage is available which can be erected in several different locations within the hall.

The Jack Brunton Room


This room has a fully equipped kitchen attached and is frequently used for Charity Coffee mornings. 

A ceiling mounted video projector with integrated sound system is ideal for audio-visual presentations. 

It is used for regular meetings of local organisations, craft fairs and other commercial enterprises.


It has a capacity of up to 75 in several seating formats.

The Stokesley Room

This is the smallest of all our rooms. 

It is used for smaller meetings, training events, as a creche and as a public reading room.

This room can cater for gatherings of a few people up to a maximum capacity of 28.

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