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Neighbourhood Planning


The Parish Council has granted delegated authority to a steering group, consisting of volunteer members from Save Our Stokesley, other community volunteer representatives and councillor representatives to undertake the first phase of the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood planning provides a statutory right for local people and businesses to plan for the future of their communities in a sustainable and fair way. Crucially, it is designed to enable local people and communities to strongly influence how development will occur by providing more control over the type, location, size, pace and design of development in a defined area..

The opportunity to develop a neighbourhood plans was introduced under the Localism Act 2011 as part of a suite of new community rights. Several town and parish councils have now commenced the process to develop a neighbourhood plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan becomes part of the development plan for the area once passed by an examiner and ratified by the community through a referendum.  Planning application decisions in that defined area will then be made taking into account the policies set out in the neighbourhood plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan has the potential to:

·         give a community a bigger say over the type, location, size, pace and design of development coming forward (including infrastructure, housing and commercial development)

·         tackle long term trends or challenges affecting a community

A statutory requirement is that any Neighbourhood Plan for Stokesley may not propose less development than the Hambleton District Council Local Development Framework (LDF). However, it can propose more homes or businesses, or alternative sites, or higher design standards for buildings and the public realm.

To see the Steering Group’s Terms of Reference and the minutes of meetings of the Steering Group please click on the relevant title below and then download the attachment.

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